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Lagniappe Productions accepts resumes from professionally trained actors and entertainers year-round in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio markets. We are always looking for talented performers to become the next gunfighter, saloon girl, stunt performer, stilt walker, wrangler, story teller, trick roper, and other western characters. All auditions are by invitation only, and we will contact you if we are interested in scheduling you for any upcoming auditions. Please email your cover letter, headshot and resume to:

Summer 2018 Auditions


WHERE: Grapevine, TX

WHEN: Auditions: Saturday, March 24th

SUBMISSIONS: This is a call for submissions. Auditions are by appointment only. If interested, please submit your headshot/resume to Indicate in your email submission the production(s) for which you would like to be considered. If we are interested, we will directly contact you with audition details.

SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS (Arlington) – Comedy Gunfight Show
(Male, 18-40 years old)
Seeking comedic actors to perform in Gunfight shows at Six Flags Over Texas for the 2018 Summer season, June 2nd – September 3rd (weekends only beginning Aug 17th).
PAY: $100/day (Manager pay is an additional $20/day)

FALLEN ANGEL (Billy Bob’s Texas, Fort Worth) – Lone Star Murder Mystery
(Male, 21- 55 years old; Female, 21-40 years old)
Seeking comedic actors for a special engagement summer production of our comedy Lone Star Murder Mystery, “Fallen Angel.” Shows are every Saturday night June 16th – August 25th. Actors are allowed up to two shows off with advanced approval.
PAY: $100/performance

TUMBLEWEED CROSSING (Tours Nationwide) – Traveling Stunt Show
(Male, 21-55 years old)
Seeking comedic actors/stunt performers for traveling Wild West Stunt Show. Actors must be available for nationwide travel at various times throughout the year and be capable of heavy lifting. Tour dates can range from 3 days to one month depending upon specific fair dates.
PAY: $100/performance day + Travel/Per Diem (if applicable). Tour lodging provided. Management promotion/pay possible for the right candidate.

For tentative rehearsal dates and character listings for each production, please see below.

REHEARSALS: May 24, 29-31, 2018. Rehearsal dates are subject to change.

PERFORMANCE DATES: June 2 – August 11, 2018. Weekends only beginning August 17th (subject to change).


Marshal Luke Stephens(Male, 18-55 years old) Marshal Stephens is a straight arrow in a wacky world of crazy Wild West characters. A strong, friendly man-about-town, he’s the man in charge of his not-so-smart deputy protecting their fair city from bad guys.

Deputy(Male, 18-40 years old) This Deputy may not be the best at his job, but he sure is the funniest! Whenever rotten bad guys come into town it puts the Deputy’s courage to the test.

Bad Guy(s)(Male, 18-50 years old) These tough desperadoes don’t take any funny business from anyone. They’re always in the thick of the action when the big shootout goes down.

REHEARSALS: June 4-15, 2018. There will be 6-9 scheduled rehearsals in the aforementioned time frame based upon actors’ experience level. Most rehearsals will take place at the Texas Star Dinner Theater in Grapevine before final rehearsal on-site at Billy Bob’s Texas.

PERFORMANCE LOCATION: Billy Bob’s Texas 81 Club, Fort Worth, TX

PERFORMANCE DATES: Every Saturday night, June 16-August 25, 2018. Performers may be granted up to two shows off during the run with advanced approval.

Rebecca Angel has been murdered! Apparently our “angel” had fallen on hard times and intended to climb back up ~ any way she could. She would stop at nothing: committing bank robbery, blackmail, even double-parking her horse. It also seems her little black diary makes for better copy than the National Enquirer ~ and everybody’s secrets are out!

Could Esperanza have a need for revenge or did she just not want the competition in a bad economy? Did Hyrum Q. Justice “see” something about Rebecca that made him snap? Could the Reverend Brimstone’s “private healings” have gone too far? Or perhaps Helen and her “friend” finally got away with murder? Be prepared to have some knee slappin’ fun as you come along for one of the wildest Wild West rides of your life!


Marshal Jim Courtright – (Male, 21-55) Jim is an intelligent, kind lawman struggling to maintain order in one of the wildest parts of Texas. He would like to spend a quiet evening at home, but instead will be working his way through a parade of zany characters to determine who murdered Rebecca.

Reverend Simon Brimstone – (Male, 21-55) A man who believes the wages of sin should be paid directly to his “orphanage fund.” Equipped with a used carnival tent and a wife who gets “healed” at every revival, he is on a mission to save our souls…one dollar at a time.

Esperanza – (Female, 21-40) This newly hired, fiery dance hall girl attempts to outrun her past, but her past keeps running along beside her. Always on the lookout for her “Big Daddy,” she’s long on name and short on details about her previous vocation and just who she was to Rebecca Angel. **This role requires a Spanish accent.

Helen Brimstone – If at first you don’t succeed…try, try again! She’s on husband number eight, this one may not be her last, and her split personality always has the final say. Helen may finally succeed by turning the hard earned “orphanage fund” into her well-deserved “widow’s fund.”

**The role of Judge Hyrum Q. Justice has been pre-cast.

“Tumbleweed Crossing” is our dynamic, self-contained, authentic old west set; which comes to life with our award-winning comedy gunfight stunt show. Our action-packed shows are filled with stunts, crowd pleasing comedy, and special effects! Watch our YouTube video here: This audition is for the opportunity to be added to our roster of traveling talent.

UPCOMING TOURS: Once an actor is qualified for the talent roster, each tour is cast based upon actor availability and character. Here is a sample of upcoming tours:
– May 2-7: Helotes, TX
– July TBA: Paso Robles, CA
– August TBA: Moses Lake, WA / Coeur d’Alene, ID
– September TBA: Puyallup, WA / Albuquerque, NM
– November TBA: Los Angeles, CA

Marshal Luke Stephens – (Male, 21-55 years old) Marshal Stephens is a straight arrow in a wacky world of crazy Wild West characters. A strong, friendly man-about-town, he’s the man in charge of his not-so-smart deputy protecting their fair city from bad guys who have just strolled into town. (This character is responsible for setting the pace of the show and must be able to speak in front of and capture the attention of large crowds and audiences.)

Deputy Leon – (Male, 21-40 years old) This Deputy may not be the best at his job, but he sure is the funniest! After convincing the Marshal to switch jobs with him for the day, a couple of rotten bad guys come into town and put Leon’s courage to the test. (This role requires a character actor capable of high energy and excellent comedic timing.)

Slade – (Male, 21-45 years old) New to town, he doesn’t take kindly to Deputy Leon’s antics. With his partner by his side, he resorts to a gunfight to take down the Marshal and Deputy. (This role REQUIRES A 10-12ft HIGH FALL)

Sidesaddle – (Male, 21-50 years old) Sidekick to Slade, this tough desperado won’t take any funny business from anyone. He’s in the thick of the action when the big shootout goes down.