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Lagniappe Productions accepts resumes from professionally trained actors and entertainers year-round in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio markets. We are always looking for talented performers to become the next gunfighter, saloon girl, stunt performer, stilt walker, wrangler, story teller, trick roper, and other western characters. All auditions are by invitation only, and we will contact you if we are interested in scheduling you for any upcoming auditions. Please email your cover letter, headshot and resume to:

Upcoming Auditions:

HERD ‘EM THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE (Texas Star Dinner Theater, Grapevine) – Lone Star Murder Mystery
Seeking comedic actors (aged 21-65) for main season production of our hilarious Lone Star Murder Mystery, “Herd ‘Em Through the Grapevine.”

WHEN: SCREENING: Monday, October 7, 2019 (Callbacks will be the following Tuesday evening)

AUDITION INFO: Actors must be 21 years of age or older. This is a call for submissions. Auditions are by appointment only. Please submit headshot/resume to If we are interested in inviting you to the screening you will receive a detailed email with instructions.

REHEARSALS: There will be two cast rehearsal times. Two casts will rehearse Monday-Thursday weeknights between January 2- 16, 2020. One cast will rehearse Monday-Thursday weeknights January 29 – February 13, 2020. Exact dates discussed at callbacks.

PERFORMANCE DATES:Two casts begin performances January 17th and the third cast begins performances in February. The show runs through November 14, 2020. Performance dates are divided among three casts. Public performances are every Friday & Saturday night. Private show dates vary but may include both weekday and weekend performances. Daytime availability and flexibility is a plus.

CASTING: Due to the high volume of performances, we will be casting three actors per character. Performances will be divided accordingly.

PAY: $100 per show

Great Galloping Grapes! There’s trouble in the vineyard! A hired gun has killed (almost) every man in town, and someone has popped the cork of Jacques Bordeaux, the local vintner. A Texas Ranger has come to town to find out who done it.

Could it be Dustin Wynn, the trail cook and wine connoisseur, went sour on Bordeaux? Or might Imma Nothavinany, the temperance movement crusader, have chosen to squash the roots of evil? Perhaps the local saloon girl Miss Kitty left the feller in the cellar. Did the new Marshal, Pete Dooling, find that the town wasn’t big enough for the both of them? Grab a glass of wine and watch the good times flow as the Ranger solves this hilariously juicy mystery!


Ranger Laramie McAlister (Male, Age Range: 30-65) – A no-nonsense Texas Ranger determined to uphold the law and catch the killer. However, finding the guilty among this mass of misfits is going to be tougher than herding cats! No offense Kitty!

Marshal Pete Dooling (Male, Age Range: 21-45) – Once the town’s piano player, Pete has fallen into the role of town Marshal and in love with Miss Kitty. He’s not a great Marshal, and he’s not great with the ladies. Would he go so far as to kill Jacques to prove his worth?

Kitrina Katzinsky (Female, Age Range: 21-40) – The most popular saloon girl in town! Her friends call her “Kat” while her really good friends say, “Here Kitty, Kitty.” She hopes to improve her social standing and financial portfolio by opening her own “parlor.” Just how far will she go to harvest the fruits of her labor?

Imma Nothavinany (Female, Age Range: 21-50) – Is Imma really an enthusiastic member of the Women’s Temperance Union or is she simply crusading against her past? This one time party gal seems determined to close down as many saloons as possible. Could she be the one who “turned out the lights” on Jacques’ wine making party?

Dustin Wynn (Male, Age Range: 21-65) – After months on the cattle trail this rootin’ tootin’ cowboy is looking to quench his thirst, find some “genteel” company and take a hot bath… but not necessarily in that order. Did this directionally challenged connoisseur sample Jacques cellars or is he merely in the wrong place at the wrong time?