Tumbleweed Crossing

Traveling Comedy Wild West Gunfight Stunt Show and Old West Set

Welcome to Tumbleweed Crossing! Now you can bring the laughter and excitement of our major amusement park shows to your event. Our self-contained, authentic old west set comes to life with our award-winning 25-minute action-packed shows filled with stunts, crowd pleasing comedy and special effects.

Take a moment to view our short video and discover the great entertainment value we offer for your fair, festival, or event!

Tumbleweed Crossing is available for performances at fairs, amusement parks, livestock shows, rodeos, and festivals nationwide! 

Package Includes:

  • Complete standalone Old West set
  • Comedy Wild West interactive script
  • Sound system/Microphones
  • Impressive special effects
  • Thrilling stunts
  • Wanted posters (1000 free with minimum 7 consecutive day booking)

Client provides:

  • Lodging for actors (2 rooms)
  • One 110-volt electrical outlet on a 30-amp circuit
  • Solid, level ground for set and trailer
  • Bleachers/seating for audience
  • Lighting if required


  • 3-day minimum within 300-mile radius from Dallas/Fort Worth
  • 5-day minimum within 300-500 miles from Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Outside 500-mile radius from Dallas/Fort Worth, contact us directly

Want to bring our unique Wild West humor to your corporate event? One of our smaller scale Scripted Comedy Shows may be just what you need!

Traveling Stunt Show Backdrop
Traveling Stunt Show Entertainers and Audience
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