In Memorium

Phyllis Addison

Lagniappe's P.A.L. Fund

in Memory of Phyllis Addison

Phyllis Addison was co-founder and owner of Lagniappe Productions alongside her husband, Chris Whatley.  On August 22, 2016 her journey with cancer peacefully ended, however her vision lives on in every event at Lagniappe Productions.  Phyllis was an incredibly strong spirit and courageous person who lived her life with purpose.

In 2016, as a memorial to Phyllis’ talent, integrity, and character; Chris Whatley created the Phyllis Addison Life (P.A.L.) Fund to help members of our Lagniappe “family” during financially challenging times.

The P.A.L. Fund is an amount of money which has already been set aside in a separate bank account and earmarked for helping anyone working for Lagniappe who might find themselves in an unusual financial crisis created by circumstances beyond their control. Monies given to those deserving individuals who qualify is a gift.

Lagniappe will continue to support the fund each year. If the fund is not utilized and depleted during a calendar year then the fund will continue to grow annually.

We invite our clients, friends and anyone familiar with the integrity of Lagniappe to donate to this worthy cause in memory of Phyllis and the positive impact she had on the lives of so many.

For more information or if you wish to donate please contact Chris Whatley at the Lagniappe Office.

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