Scripted Comedy Shows

Lone Star Murder Mystery

Regular Season Murder Mystery
Holiday Season Murder Mystery

Take a light-hearted trip back to the Wild West of the with our Lone Star Murder Mystery. Five professionally trained actors perform an original, full scripted 90-minute comedy murder mystery around seated guests providing a fun opportunity for the characters to interact with your party. With the use of a questionnaire, our actors incorporate information about your guests into our show giving you a customized experience. After Act II, guests interrogate the suspects as teams to put them on the trail of the killer. For murder mystery aficionados, we provide intrigue and challenge to their investigative skills. For those who just want to have dinner with some fun, we provide more hilarity than you can imagine!

Lone Star Murder Mysteries are great as a team building, fundraiser, or corporate event, or holiday party. For an all-inclusive experience, visit us at Texas Star Dinner Theater or choose your own venue and we bring the show to you.

Click HERE for some venue recommendations.

Mighty Mike the Strongman

Wild West Variety Show

Witness Mighty Mike juggle bowling balls and sledgehammers as if light as a feather, tear packs of cards, bend pounds of metal… while wearing a 1920s style bathing suit. Quick-witted jokes keep audiences all over the world laughing amidst the impressive feats of strength. Ready for a new spin on a classic tradition? This is a  strongman show like you’ve never seen before!

Wild West Variety Show

Wild West Variety Show

This 35-minute performance pulls out all the stops with hilarious cowboys alongside our singing, dancing madam and saloon girls. Our ladies thrill audiences as they kick up their heels to everything from the original Can-Can to popular country songs. For more variety, a Trick Roper can be incorporated into the show. This lighthearted Wild West musical comedy variety show ends with the excitement and thrill of a gunfight!

Comedy Gunfight Shows

Our gunfighters and saloon girls perform a variety of up-beat, scripted comedy gunfight shows drawn from decades of crowd-pleasing experience. The good guys always win and the audience always laughs. Much like our Lone Star Murder Mystery, with the use of a questionnaire our gunfighters add references specific to your party. Gunfighters and saloon girls are talented professional actors with authentic costumes, gear, and guns. Includes meet and greet, photo opportunity, and a 10-12-minute performance. Upon request, shows can end without gunfire.

Four shows to choose from:
5,000 Bad Guys
Big Bad Bertha
Street Dance
Bertha Comes Callin’

Looking for a bigger show with an Old West Town set? Take a look at our amazing Tumbleweed Crossing.

StoryTime Theatre: Ramblin' Rita

Wild West Variety Show

This ain’t no plain ‘ol story time, Partner. Sure, it’s family friendly fun for the young ‘uns (grades K-5 will enjoy it the most), but it’s also an honest-to-goodness 40-minute show that the kiddos help perform! Rita selects eager volunteers from the audience and provides them with costumes and lines so they can take part in the tellin’ of the tale. She’ll even bring her puppet friend Arty the Armadillo along for the fun.

Custom Corporate Show

Cowboy and Indian Battle
Wranglers on Horseback

Give your company an experience they’ll never forget! We can create a custom corporate show for your specific event. From an authentic Cowboy and Indian battle to a Wild West saloon bar fight, our experienced creative writing team can bring your vision to life. We work with budgets from $1K-M. Contact us today to consult with an entertainment specialist.

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