Live Interactive Entertainment

Our authentically dressed, Wild West characters bring charm, laughter, and fun to any event! We are available for any western theme party or event in the Dallas/Fort Worth area or nationwide. Also check out our Music and Dance and Strolling Entertainment for more crowd pleasing fun at your next Old West party!

Fortune Teller


Our lovely Madam, Miss Advise, knows all and sees all! Choose from an array of fortune telling fun for your next event. Keep it simple with palm reading and tarot cards, or experience the unexpected with chocolate, lipstick, or cocktail readings. Want a more traditional look? You may choose Tatyana, Queen of the Gypsies, instead! Either way, we predict your guests will leave with smiles on their faces.

Fortune teller

Line Dance Instruction

Line Dancing Instruction

Get your guests out of their seats and on their feet! Our friendly, energetic Line Dance Instructors and Assistants can teach even the most novice dancers these simple steps. Choose to have our ladies dressed in classic Saloon Girl dresses or modern western attire. Our Line Dance Instructors can also work with your band or DJ to keep your guests on the dance floor. Want to dance like it’s 1880? Check out our Country Dancing Hoedown.

Fort Worth Stockyards Guided Tour

Fort Worth Stockyards Guided Tour

Walk in the footsteps of western legends who wove the colorful tapestry of Texas history. Our friendly cowboys will uncover the little-known mysteries of the Fort Worth Stockyards as you become part of the legend.

Faro Dealer

Faro Dealer

Walk in the footsteps of history’s Wild West gambling legends as you play the game of Faro (pronounced “Fair-Oh”). Our 1880’s Faro dealer will regale your guests with this card game once known as “The King of the Old West Saloon Games.” For a large western themed casino night, this game pairs well with Chuck-A-Luck.

Quick Draw Challenge

Quick Draw Entertainment

Guests can strap on a Wild West Six-Shooter and experience firsthand the excitement of going up against a real gunfighter! Or guests can challenge each other in a real western shootout. These Quick Draw cowboy entertainers will tickle your funny bone and make you trigger happy.

Mechanical Bull

Ride the Mechanical Bull

This bucking bull is a rollicking good time for all guests! It includes:

▪ Quality Top of the Line Equipment
▪ Complete western themed look including corral style air mattress
▪ Two Western Characters: One Operator and One Barker to entertain guests
▪ Pantaloons & Privacy Changing Screen for guests wearing dresses/skirts to get in on the fun too

Cowboy College

Cowboy College

Our cowboy college teaches adults the skills required to survive as a real cowboy in the Old West. The Marshal and his posse lead your group through our three-part course: Roping, Horseback Riding, and Shooting. Those that pass the course become proud “Graduates” and receive a diploma designating them as official “Cowboys” and “Cowgirls.” This event is only available at venues that can accommodate horseback riding. Give us a call for recommendations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


Cowboy Story Teller

This colorful character has just stepped out of the pages of history and has a mind full of fascinating facts and tall tales about everything from Texas History to fabled western legends. Their quick wit and charming personality is sure to keep your guests entertained and engaged.

Old West Scavenger Hunts

Old West Scavenger Hunt
Old West Scavenger Hunt

Our scavenger hunts are designed to entertain and educate guests about the more popular destinations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area including the Fort Worth Stockyards and Sundance Square. We also design custom scavenger hunts for the location of your choice.

Target Shooting

Target Shooting

A favorite of guests everywhere! Our skilled gunfighters teach guests how to appropriately handle an Old West Six-Shooter. Guests learn the basics of target shooting and test their marksmanship skills using safety approved rubber bullets. Target shooting is popular as a competitive activity or just good old-fashioned cowboy fun!


Chuck-A-Luck Gambling Game

Chuck-A-Luck is an Old West gambling game of chance with three dice. With the use of a bird cage hourglass, your guests place their bets on a three-number combination. For a large western themed casino night, this game pairs well with Faro.

Team Building

Calf Roping
Calf Roping

Experience team building with an Old West flair. Round up your corporate herd for an afternoon or evening of team work. Let our cowboys and saloon girls show your employees a good time while they work together to overcome such challenges as Barnyard Trot, Outhouse Horseshoes, Quick Draw, Rodeo Relay, and more! With a variety of challenges to choose from, we can help you select the perfect team building activities for your western themed event.

StoryTime Theatre: Ramblin' Rita

Cowboy Story Teller

This ain’t no plain ‘ol story time, Partner. Sure, it’s family friendly fun for the young ‘uns (grades K-5 will enjoy it the most), but it’s also an honest-to-goodness 40-minute show that the kiddos help perform! Rita selects eager volunteers from the audience and provides them with costumes and lines so they can take part in the tellin’ of the tale. She’ll even bring her puppet friend Arty the Armadillo along for the fun.

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