Our Downright Friendly Staff

Chris Whatley

Chris Whatley

Owner/Founder/ Director of Sales

Chris principally oversees Lagniappe’s future as well as entertainment for amusement parks, trade shows, fairs or festivals. He has an exceptional ability to assist with clients’ unique entertainment needs and can help select or design the precise entertainment for major amusement parks and special events. Chris can assist with comedy gunfight shows, old west characters, cowboys and wranglers on horseback, Rusty Gears the Robot, and much more. He also performs for our Lone Star Murder Mysteries and other Lagniappe productions.

To contact Chris, please call 817-337-1882 x 101

Sherri Sokoly

Gillian Ashton

Corporate Events Manager

Gillian is your most helpful resource when planning your next event! She readily assists with providing information, price quotes, contracts, and more for all our entertainment services. As an Old West entertainment specialist, Gillian will be sure to help create the best event possible.

To contact Gillian, please call 817-337-1882 x 100

Becky Ballagh

Alex Swanson

Theater Manager

Alex is the Theater Manager for the Texas Star Dinner Theater. He primarily manages public ticket sales, production coordination, catering and staff management at our theater. He supports coordination for all private murder mystery event bookings, and maintains the Texas Star Dinner Theater Facebook Page.
To contact Alex, please call 817-337-1882 x 105

For public ticket sales to the Texas Star Dinner Theater, please call 817-310-5588.

Paula Wood

Paula Eyre

Production Manager

Paula manages many areas within Lagniappe including but not limited to marketing, design, and new hire management. She supports other staff with quotes, contracts, and entertainment options for company and private events. She is also our resident costumer.
To contact Paula, please call 817-337-1882 x 102

Becky Ballagh

Becky Ballagh

Casting Director and Accounts

Becky primarily manages Lagniappe’s accounting services. She assists clients with quotes, contracts and entertainment options. Additionally, she helps with both public and private show sales for our Texas Star Dinner Theater. Becky is also our resident choreographer for any entertainment options including dance and one of our talented actors who may be your on-site contact for an event.
To contact Becky, please call 817-337-1882 x 104

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